Here’s How Entrepreneur William Lerner Is Working Beyond Profits

Entrepreneurs are meant to make profits, and that holds true with most people. After all, successful businessmen know what it takes to generate money, and many of them are just happy with that. However, entrepreneur William Lerner wishes to differ. He is best known as the owner and president of iPark, which is an advanced family-owned parking garage facility in New York. Here are some quick facts.

Getting high on business

Lerner always knew that business was his forte, and he started early by understanding the model of Imperial Parking Systems, which was then managed by his father. He took real interest after his graduation in business, and within the first few years, he totally transformed the company. Apart from expanding the business through acquisitions, he ensured that there were enough use of tech and betterment in operational functions, so that the business becomes a brand that’s iPark today. No wonder, his success and vision makes his company one of the leaders in parking industry’s technological evolution..

Charity and more

William Billy Lerner isn’t just known for money, as mentioned earlier. He is one of the few people who like to take personal interest in charity and he has been working on that for more than twenty years now. In fact, his organization Billy4Kids works for underprivileged children by donating shoes and working with other charities. Billy wanted to prevent the feet diseases caused by bacteria and parasites of the soil in children, and Billy4Kids strives to achieve that.  He doesn’t just rely on data but ensures that a good chunk of his time goes in that direction.

Of course, he is also extremely close to his family and likes to be around his three children for most days. His work has inspired many, and it would continue to do so.

Assist Poor Children all over the World with Charity

Charity is a noble act. It would be pertinent to mention here that when it comes to doing charity, it would be imperative that you have a heart to do that rather than the money. A number of people have started non-profit organizations catering to the needs of the poor people. One man started the movement in the year 2013. However, he had a single goal in mind of providing assistance to the one in need.

As a result, his non-profit organization has distributed nearly 4000 shoes across the world to poor children in a span of two years. Furthermore, Bill Lerner has planned to cater even more shoes to children belonging to the poor areas. The movement started by him had a huge impact on the people across the world, as several people want to join the movement. They can also join hands in providing sufficient assistance to the poor children all across the globe.