How Billy Lerner Is Changing Young Lives With Shoes!

Billy Lerner, also known officially to the world as William Lerner, is the CEO of the largest family-owned parking garage in New York – iPark. The company, which was formerly credited as Imperial Parking Systems, was started by his father, who found great potential in the industry. However, Billy’s life extends beyond the 150 facilities owned by his company. He is the founder of nonprofit organization “Billy4Kids” along with his co-director Alexson Roy, which promises the lives of kids with a simple effort – donating shoes! In this post, we will talk of his efforts and how his new initiative can be a revolutionary step towards the cause.

The start of Billy4Kids

Bill Lerner has been involved in charity work in varied capacities for more than two decades now. Apart from donations and offering direct help for many causes, he has also worked with organizations to help their efforts. Billy often talks about the fortunate things that American children have to their needs. In many interviews, he has talked how he would want to help the underprivileged children of the world, offering them the basics they need. This is how the seeds of Billy4Kids were planted.

William noted that kids in many countries don’t have access to the most essential things of life, which includes shoes and clothing. Without proper shoes, the kids are exposed to a number of parasitic diseases of the feet. With his friend and partner Alexson Roy, Bill started the journey with his own donations. Today, Billy4Kids works for children in countries like Haiti, Ghana and Brazil, and to help the cause, the organization places boxes in different cities, asking people to donate their gently used sneakers for these in need. Bill insists that the efforts need more people and therefore, every small step counts.

The journey ahead

With “Billy4Kids”, William intends to impact the lives of these children, who are missing on the essentials of life, and he uses his own parking facilities to place boxes, where people can donate shoes. With foot-borne diseases, children often lose a chance at better life, and the team behind the effort wants to influence others for help. Billy has mentioned time and again how he would want the organization to reach more countries, and he has requested young minds and common citizens to volunteer with Billy4Kids for the same. “Donating your old shoes can save a life” – Billy had recently said!


Footwear offered by Billy Lerner for Safeguarding Poor Children from Parasitic Diseases

It would not be wrong to suggest that starting a charitable movement or non-profit organization has been a difficult task for an individual. Despite, the problems that an individual might come across, a number of people across the world have started non-profitable charitable organization to provide to the needs of the poor and destitute people across the world.

More often than not, a number of organizations tend to forget about the importance of shoes for the poor children. It will not be wrong to state that shoes for children are an important aspect to safeguard theme from several parasitic diseases. Billy Lerner has been providing for the needs of the poor children. The movement started in 2013 by Billy Lerner has come to a platform where a majority of people across the world want to join them in their good deeds. The foundation has provided approximately 4000 pairs of shoes to the poor children across the world. It saves them from several kinds of parasitic diseases.

Safeguarding Poor Children against Parasitic Diseases

Billy Lerner has taken upon providing adequate footwear to poor children across the world. As a result, they have been providing adequate footwear to poor children to safeguard them from various kinds of parasitic diseases. It would be imperative for the poor children that they are safeguarded against parasitic diseases.

A number of charities all over the world are working to provide to the needs of the underprivileged children. They are searching for ways to enhance their living and hygiene standards. However, what they often forget is about providing adequate footwear to the children as well. One man, Billy Lerner started the movement to provide adequate footwear for the underprivileged children all over the world. After two years, the movement has provided approximately 4000 pairs of shoes to the children across the globe. You can also join the movement started by him and do some charity for the poor children.