An Act of Charity is a Joy Forever

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. The cliché goes true in all respects. However, with a slight modification, you could make it more beautiful. With slight changes, you could transform it into ‘an act of charity is a joy forever’. It would not be wrong to suggest that an act of charity and kindness would make your heart light.

Bill Lerner started an organization that looks after the needs of the poor children across the world. The organization aims to provide the poor children across the world with adequate footwear. Under the aegis of William Lerner, the organization provided approximately 4000 pairs of shoes for poor and destitute children across the world. The organization looks forward to do more for children. With adequate footwear, the children would be saved from various kinds of parasitic diseases. The organization urges people of the world to come together and join them in the noble cause. You would be able to lend a helping hand by joining their non-profit organization.