Bill Lerner’s Foundation to Provide Footwear for Poor Children

Several people across the world have been suffering from lack of proper hygienic conditions. They have been forced to live in such conditions where they have to reside along with a number of diseases. The result has been failing health and lacking immunity towards a number of diseases. However, you could make a considerable difference to the lifestyle of poor and destitute people. You could do an act of charity for poor children. You could add a meaning to their lives with your act of random kindness.

On similar lines, Billy Lerner started a foundation in 2013. The foundation aimed to provide adequate footwear for poor children across the globe. After two years, the foundation had provided approximately 4000 pairs of shoes for poor children worldwide. The foundation looks forward to do more for the destitute children in the coming years. The aim for providing adequate footwear is to protect the children from parasitic diseases.