Choosing a Charitable Organization Catering to the Needs of the Poor

Doing charity for the people has been a great act of gesture. As a result, a number of organizations have been working for providing the poor people with adequate hygiene needs. You would be required to make sure that you choose the right non-profit charitable organization that is genuine in their approach.

Billy Lerner started the movement in the year 2013. His organization had a single goal in mind of providing help to the children in need. They have distributed nearly 4000 shoes across the world to underprivileged children in a matter of two years. In addition, they have planned to provide even more shoes to children belonging to the poverty-stricken areas. The movement started by William Lerner had great impact on the people across the world. Everyday more people want to join the movement. They could also join hands in providing essential help to the poor children all across the world.

Insightful learning about parking industry with Billy Lerner

Billy Lerner, also known as William Lerner, is the CEO of iPark- the largest family owned parking garage company in New York. He is credited for making the company into a brand, which was formerly known as Imperial Parking Systems. In this post, we will talk of some aspects about the industry, straight from the man itself.

The initial start

Billy Lerner started his business journey by working with his father in his teen years. Soon he went to learn business at the prestigious University of Colorado. After his return, he started working with the company directly and initiated the process of technological transitions. He worked on increasing the number of facilities through acquisitions, which included some of the best valued properties of New York. He also teamed with some of the top management members of the company to redevelop all operational functions, so that the services reflect the needs of customers. He has mentioned time and again how customers remain the sole focus on their operations.

The technical advancements

iPark currently has almost 150 parking facilities, which are managed under Bill’s expertise. He has extensively used the online platform to attract more customers and offer them value deals, so that the apprehensions with regards to the parking industry can be eliminated. He also talked of the important of purchases in the industry, because all the technical advancements can only makes sense when the locations for facilities are perfect. He has also added that his team wants to work on catering to the needs of hybrid and electric vehicles, which are going to be the choice of the future. For the same, his company has already teamed with Tesla Motors, Inc.™ and Beam Charging™. iPark currently offers integrated parking systems in more than 25 facilities.

iPark beyond business

Bill is also the founder of organization ‘Billy4Kids’, which works for underprivileged kids around the world. The charity offers and donates shoes to these kids in countries like Haiti, Ghana and Brazil, so as to prevent parasitic diseases. To help the cause, Bill has placed green boxes in all facilities of iPark, where people can donate their gently used sneakers for the cause. He has added that every effort counts and he would be interested in helping more kids through his business.

Surely iPark is doing more than just business, and Billy has reasons to be honored with so many awards and recognitions.

Find the Suitable Non-Profit Organization where you wish to Donate

Charity for the poor has been common with people across the world. They would look forward to providing the poor and destitute people across the world with adequate hygiene. There have been a number of organizations across the world that caters to the needs of the poor people. However, you would be required to choose the one where you wish to donate your hard-earned money. A wide list of organizations has been available online.

One such organization, started by Bill Lerner in 2013, has been known to provide adequate footwear for children across the world. They would cater to the poor and destitute children with adequate footwear for safeguarding them from parasitic diseases. Several children across the world are suffering from parasitic diseases for lack of proper footwear. The organization aims to do away with the problem, as they have offered approximately 4000 pairs of shoes for poor children across the world in the coming years.

Knowing The Work And Experience Of William Lerner

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, because one can hardly look beyond the profits and numbers. Thankfully, that isn’t the case with William Lerner. The world knows Mr. Learner as the owner, president and CEO of iPark – a family-owned parking garage service in New York Area, which has more than 100 facilities throughout the metropolitan region. However, the other world knows him as the philanthropist, who doesn’t mind pushing for the causes he believes in.

An honest start

Billy, as he is fondly known to many, found real passion for business early in life. He started working in the parking garages owned by his father, and soon after, he took over the business with an intention of changing the overall graph. Before that, he graduated from University of Colorado in business, just to get more idea of the work and the complicated management aspects. Soon after, William redeveloped and revamped all operational functions, adding technology to the mix. His efforts converted Imperial Parking to iPark- a brand that stands on his own.

Charity and causes

Billy Lerner has spent more than two decades in charity work, donating and working closely with many organizations. Not a long time ago, he founded Billy4Kids, an organization that promises to distribute and donate shoes to underprivileged children. Billy had seen the kind of parasitic diseases that children deal with, simply because they miss a pair of footwear, and he pledged to change the same. Apart from donating shoes to children in need, the organization also works with other charities in varied parts of the globe, so as to maximize the reach and effort.

When Billy isn’t working, he is often kite surfing or spending time with his kids. Probably you thought multitasking would be hard, but this man can inspire others for a better world.


An Act of Charity is a Joy Forever

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. The cliché goes true in all respects. However, with a slight modification, you could make it more beautiful. With slight changes, you could transform it into ‘an act of charity is a joy forever’. It would not be wrong to suggest that an act of charity and kindness would make your heart light.

Bill Lerner started an organization that looks after the needs of the poor children across the world. The organization aims to provide the poor children across the world with adequate footwear. Under the aegis of William Lerner, the organization provided approximately 4000 pairs of shoes for poor and destitute children across the world. The organization looks forward to do more for children. With adequate footwear, the children would be saved from various kinds of parasitic diseases. The organization urges people of the world to come together and join them in the noble cause. You would be able to lend a helping hand by joining their non-profit organization.