Find the Suitable Non-Profit Organization where you wish to Donate

Charity for the poor has been common with people across the world. They would look forward to providing the poor and destitute people across the world with adequate hygiene. There have been a number of organizations across the world that caters to the needs of the poor people. However, you would be required to choose the one where you wish to donate your hard-earned money. A wide list of organizations has been available online.

One such organization, started by Bill Lerner in 2013, has been known to provide adequate footwear for children across the world. They would cater to the poor and destitute children with adequate footwear for safeguarding them from parasitic diseases. Several children across the world are suffering from parasitic diseases for lack of proper footwear. The organization aims to do away with the problem, as they have offered approximately 4000 pairs of shoes for poor children across the world in the coming years.