Footwear offered by Billy Lerner for Safeguarding Poor Children from Parasitic Diseases

It would not be wrong to suggest that starting a charitable movement or non-profit organization has been a difficult task for an individual. Despite, the problems that an individual might come across, a number of people across the world have started non-profitable charitable organization to provide to the needs of the poor and destitute people across the world.

More often than not, a number of organizations tend to forget about the importance of shoes for the poor children. It will not be wrong to state that shoes for children are an important aspect to safeguard theme from several parasitic diseases. Billy Lerner has been providing for the needs of the poor children. The movement started in 2013 by Billy Lerner has come to a platform where a majority of people across the world want to join them in their good deeds. The foundation has provided approximately 4000 pairs of shoes to the poor children across the world. It saves them from several kinds of parasitic diseases.