iPark’s CEO Billy Lerner Hopes For A Better World

Entrepreneur Billy Lerner is known to the world as the owner and CEO of iPark, which is the largest family-owned parking garage facility in New York. As a businessman and someone who strives for perfection, Billy started early in life and took over his family business from his father. Following that, he began the journey of transforming Imperial Parking Systems to iPark, which now stands as the pioneer in parking industry’s technological evolution. Here is a glimpse in his story.

Working for iPark

Billy realized early in life that his family business would expand like fire, and therefore, he wanted to take things on a professional note. After having learned the basic work ethics from his father, he went to University of Colorado to learn business. When he returned, he went ahead with aggressive attitude and changed everything about the company, right from the way acquisitions were handled to the operational functions. He ensured that iPark becomes more than just a brand that people and customers can connect to.

Moving beyond business

Bill Lerner always considered himself to be immensely blessed, and he felt that many children around the world deserved so much better. With the hope of changing things for the little ones, he started off with his charity Billy4Kids, which mainly donates shoes for children around the world, with an aim of preventing feet infection from parasitic diseases. The organization also works with other charities from time to time to reach more places of the world. Apart from the rewards that he has received so far, he is also known for his participation. Bill continues to work for most of the organizations he is associated with, intending to make the world a better place.

No wonder, people often look up to him for being a humble man of deeds.