Billy Lerner announces plans to expand Billy4Kids

Billy Lerner, best known as the President and CEO of iPark and founder of non-profit organization Billy4Kids, recently organized a special meeting with press and local clients in his office at New York. The aim of the event was to discuss the various options to expand the work of his charity.

William Lerner is known to the business world as the head of iPark- a company that’s owns more than 100 parking garage facilities throughout the metropolitan New York area. However, his other persona is all about charity, and as a philanthropist, he has worked with some of the leading organizations in the country. His own foundation Billy for Kids is well famed for its work for underprivileged children. Billy Lerner recently organized an event to talk of his further plans for the charity.

He started the event by thanking his clients and patrons. He added that his team is extremely grateful for the immense support that the foundation has received from all corners. Talking of the organization, Bill said that every year thousands of children suffer from infection from parasitic diseases, simply because they didn’t have a basic pair of shoes. He added that his charity plans to donate 200 shoes by the end of 2017, and for the same, he intends to get support from people.

His team added that Billy4Kids also needs volunteers and no matter whatever the way, any kind of contribution to the cause will mean a lot. Bill Lerner also added that his team will ensure all clients and patrons get complete access to the events and other things organized by the charity. He also added that he is working on expanding the funding, and he looks ahead to all kinds of assistance from others.

No wonder, the organization has achieved many feats under Billy’s expertise, and he continues to take active part in the daily activities and events related to the charity, hoping for a better future.

About Billy Lerner

Billy Lerner is the founder of Billy4Kids, an organization that donates shoes to underprivileged children around the world. He is also the head of iPark, one of the advanced parking facilities in entire New York. Known for his amazing work in business, he is also actively involved with charities alongside his own and spends his time working for many causes, mainly for children who need support and assistance for their basic needs.

Media Contact
Company Name: iPark
Contact Person: Billy Lerner
Phone: 212.736.7171
Address:107 West 13th Street
City: New York
State: NY
Country: United States

Non-Profit Organization for Improving Lives of Poor People

Charitable organizations have been working across the world for providing support to a number of poor and destitute children. A plethora of non-profitable organizations has been working for providing to the needs of the people. However, some of them have been new to the arena, but have gained huge recognition with the people across the world.

One man started the movement in the year 2013. However, he had a single goal in mind of providing assistance to the one in need. As a result, his non-profit organization has distributed nearly 4000 shoes across the world to underprivileged children in a span of two years. Furthermore, Billy Lerner has planned to cater even more shoes to children belonging to the poor areas. The movement started by him had a huge impact on the people across the world, as several people want to join the movement. They can also join hands in providing sufficient help to the poor children all over the world.

Bill Lerner’s Foundation to Provide Footwear for Poor Children

Several people across the world have been suffering from lack of proper hygienic conditions. They have been forced to live in such conditions where they have to reside along with a number of diseases. The result has been failing health and lacking immunity towards a number of diseases. However, you could make a considerable difference to the lifestyle of poor and destitute people. You could do an act of charity for poor children. You could add a meaning to their lives with your act of random kindness.

On similar lines, Billy Lerner started a foundation in 2013. The foundation aimed to provide adequate footwear for poor children across the globe. After two years, the foundation had provided approximately 4000 pairs of shoes for poor children worldwide. The foundation looks forward to do more for the destitute children in the coming years. The aim for providing adequate footwear is to protect the children from parasitic diseases.

Bill Lerner’s Non-Profit Organization for Helping the Poor

Doing an act of charity has been made simple with a number of private non-profit organizations working all over. These organizations have been known to assist the poor and destitute people across the globe that is unable to sustain them. An act of charity would provide them with a chance to live a healthy life.

Billy Lerner started the movement in 2013 to provide shoes for the destitute children across the world. It is a remarkable achievement by his non-profit organization. It has been two years since the movement started and Billy Lerner has been able to provide at least 4000 pair of shoes to poor children across the world. Shoes will help these poor children safeguard them from several kinds of parasitic diseases. Footwear will help them protect from various diseases. You can also support the cause by joining hands with the organization and providing for basic needs to the poor people.

An Act of Charity is a Joy Forever

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. The cliché goes true in all respects. However, with a slight modification, you could make it more beautiful. With slight changes, you could transform it into ‘an act of charity is a joy forever’. It would not be wrong to suggest that an act of charity and kindness would make your heart light.

Bill Lerner started an organization that looks after the needs of the poor children across the world. The organization aims to provide the poor children across the world with adequate footwear. Under the aegis of William Lerner, the organization provided approximately 4000 pairs of shoes for poor and destitute children across the world. The organization looks forward to do more for children. With adequate footwear, the children would be saved from various kinds of parasitic diseases. The organization urges people of the world to come together and join them in the noble cause. You would be able to lend a helping hand by joining their non-profit organization.