Providing Adequate Footwear to Poor Children for Safety

In case, you go through the stats of poor and destitute people across the world, you would be astounded that more than half of the people falling below poverty line do not have adequate food and clothing. They have been living a poor life, which lacks proper hygiene and adequate clothing.

Bill Lerner started the movement in 2013 to provide shoes for the underprivileged children across the world. It has been a remarkable achievement by his non-profit organization. It has been two years since the movement started and Bill Lerner has been able to provide at least 4000 pair of shoes to poor children across the world. Shoes will help these poor children safeguard them from several kinds of parasitic diseases. Adequate footwear will help them protect from various diseases. You can also support the cause by joining hands with the organization and providing for basic needs to the poor people.