Learning the Tricks of the Parking Industry Success with Billy Lerner

Billy Lerner is acknowledged in the business world for his contribution to the parking industry through his company iPark. iPark is currently the largest family-owned parking garage firm in the entire New York and has been redefining the standards of business in many ways. In this post, we will try to uncover the steps that have made Billy a real start for the company.

Interest in basics

Bill has mentioned time and again how he was always interested in the company, which was formerly known as Imperial Parking Systems. The company was founded by his father and has been running for more than six decades. However, after Billy’s entry into the operations, things changed in many ways. Initially, he took interest in working with his father and learned the basic rules of business. To deepen his understanding and management, he pursued a degree from the University of Colorado, following which he joined the company full time. He started by redeveloping all operational functions, so as to serve customers better and increased facilities via expansion through acquisitions.

The lessons he learned

On being asked about his mistakes, Billy has said that he should have focused more on acquisitions in the initial years. Currently, iPark has close to 150 facilities in the entire New York area, but the CEO believes that this could have been a lot better. He also added that the company took a while to adapt to the overall changes in marketing patterns, but the brand is still leading when it comes to offering services to customers using online platforms. In terms of challenges, Billy had recently talked in an interview as how the costs of operations in a metropolis remain a matter of concern. He also added that the prices of real estate has been increasing faster than ever, which means that acquiring new properties is going to cost the parking businesses.

Business with a cause

Billy is also the founder for Billy4Kids, which is an organization that donates shoes to underprivileged kids in countries like Haiti and Brazil. To help for the cause, he has placed green boxes in all the facilities of iPark, where people, consumers and visitors can give their gently used shoes for the cause. He has added that iPark wants to be there for the children, who haven’t been fortunate with their needs.

No wonder, his success remains a milestone for most budding entrepreneurs!


Insightful learning about parking industry with Billy Lerner

Billy Lerner, also known as William Lerner, is the CEO of iPark- the largest family owned parking garage company in New York. He is credited for making the company into a brand, which was formerly known as Imperial Parking Systems. In this post, we will talk of some aspects about the industry, straight from the man itself.

The initial start

Billy Lerner started his business journey by working with his father in his teen years. Soon he went to learn business at the prestigious University of Colorado. After his return, he started working with the company directly and initiated the process of technological transitions. He worked on increasing the number of facilities through acquisitions, which included some of the best valued properties of New York. He also teamed with some of the top management members of the company to redevelop all operational functions, so that the services reflect the needs of customers. He has mentioned time and again how customers remain the sole focus on their operations.

The technical advancements

iPark currently has almost 150 parking facilities, which are managed under Bill’s expertise. He has extensively used the online platform to attract more customers and offer them value deals, so that the apprehensions with regards to the parking industry can be eliminated. He also talked of the important of purchases in the industry, because all the technical advancements can only makes sense when the locations for facilities are perfect. He has also added that his team wants to work on catering to the needs of hybrid and electric vehicles, which are going to be the choice of the future. For the same, his company has already teamed with Tesla Motors, Inc.™ and Beam Charging™. iPark currently offers integrated parking systems in more than 25 facilities.

iPark beyond business

Bill is also the founder of organization ‘Billy4Kids’, which works for underprivileged kids around the world. The charity offers and donates shoes to these kids in countries like Haiti, Ghana and Brazil, so as to prevent parasitic diseases. To help the cause, Bill has placed green boxes in all facilities of iPark, where people can donate their gently used sneakers for the cause. He has added that every effort counts and he would be interested in helping more kids through his business.

Surely iPark is doing more than just business, and Billy has reasons to be honored with so many awards and recognitions.

How Bill Lerner created the largest private garage company in New York!

It must be a breezy affair to own and head the private garage company in New York, but Billy Lerner didn’t have things easy for him. William Lerner, as he is known officially, is the CEO of iPark, but his journey had more aspirations than most people know! In this post, we will talk of a man who has influenced lives of his customers, patrons and has helped numerous causes.

The initial journey

iPark was formerly known as Imperial Parking Systems and has history spanning in six decades. Billy was just 12 when started to park cars for the company, which was then run by his father. He often would go to visit the facility and learn things about the trade. After his high school, he was determined to help his father in business. To know more about business better, he completed his graduation on the subject and returned to take the job of managing Imperial Parking Systems. Since then, Billy Lerner has been the face of the business.

The important changes

William started working on making the company a real brand right from the start. He started with operational changes in Imperial Parking Systems, and he was keen on offering the best of technological advances for the customers. He reworked on the basic operational functions, which include management of finance and technological transitions. Besides the changes within the company, Bill worked on bettering the facilities and started aggressive expansion through acquisitions. Currently, the company owns to 150 facilities in the metropolitan New York area.

The green revolution

William has mentioned time and again how electric and hybrid cars are going to be the future choices of customers. His company is already taking the right steps to offer amazing services in this regard. iPark has already partnered with Tesla Motors, Inc.™ and Beam Charging™ and is offering integrated charging systems at more than 25 facilities. Bill insists that these investments are going to be the backbone of the industry in days to come, and it is important to seek the changes with the right motives of adding more green services.

Bill has also mentioned his desire to increase the number of facilities in the region, and his team hinted at more acquisitions in near future. Not many know, but he is also involved in a number of charity causes, which remain his other passions, besides spending time with his family!

How Billy Lerner Is Changing Young Lives With Shoes!

Billy Lerner, also known officially to the world as William Lerner, is the CEO of the largest family-owned parking garage in New York – iPark. The company, which was formerly credited as Imperial Parking Systems, was started by his father, who found great potential in the industry. However, Billy’s life extends beyond the 150 facilities owned by his company. He is the founder of nonprofit organization “Billy4Kids” along with his co-director Alexson Roy, which promises the lives of kids with a simple effort – donating shoes! In this post, we will talk of his efforts and how his new initiative can be a revolutionary step towards the cause.

The start of Billy4Kids

Bill Lerner has been involved in charity work in varied capacities for more than two decades now. Apart from donations and offering direct help for many causes, he has also worked with organizations to help their efforts. Billy often talks about the fortunate things that American children have to their needs. In many interviews, he has talked how he would want to help the underprivileged children of the world, offering them the basics they need. This is how the seeds of Billy4Kids were planted.

William noted that kids in many countries don’t have access to the most essential things of life, which includes shoes and clothing. Without proper shoes, the kids are exposed to a number of parasitic diseases of the feet. With his friend and partner Alexson Roy, Bill started the journey with his own donations. Today, Billy4Kids works for children in countries like Haiti, Ghana and Brazil, and to help the cause, the organization places boxes in different cities, asking people to donate their gently used sneakers for these in need. Bill insists that the efforts need more people and therefore, every small step counts.

The journey ahead

With “Billy4Kids”, William intends to impact the lives of these children, who are missing on the essentials of life, and he uses his own parking facilities to place boxes, where people can donate shoes. With foot-borne diseases, children often lose a chance at better life, and the team behind the effort wants to influence others for help. Billy has mentioned time and again how he would want the organization to reach more countries, and he has requested young minds and common citizens to volunteer with Billy4Kids for the same. “Donating your old shoes can save a life” – Billy had recently said!