Knowing The Parking Industry With Ipark CEO Billy Lerner

Bill Lerner is the President and CEO of iPark, which is the largest family-owned parking garage company in New York. The company is known to be at the center of technological evolution of the industry. William Lerner, as he is known officially in the business world, has steered the company to success. In this post, we try to decode his success and efforts with iPark in a better way.

Things that matter

Billy has always insisted that more customers would be interested in getting professional parking facilities in days to come, and it is important to be a brand that patrons can identify with. iPark was formerly known Imperial Parking Systems, which was founded by his father. Bill took formal charge of the company after his graduation, and he started his job by changing and redeveloping the operational functions, which eventually reflected in better customer service. To make iPark a real brand, he started working on technological transitions and expansion through acquisitions. In less than two decades, iPark has close to 150 facilities all around the city and beyond. Bill adds that the need to revamp services is important for the industry.

Talking of big changes

In many of his interviews, Bill has talked about the use of internet to reach more customers. He has agreed that the online platforms and marketing has helped in adding to business and customers do like the incredible offers and deals offered on the web. However, he is more focused on the future, which is going to be about electric and hybrid cars. Bill has mentioned that the company wants to cater to the needs of these vehicles in a better way, and iPark has already taken the first steps by participating with Tesla Motors, Inc.™ and Beam Charging™. Currently, the company has 25 facilities with integrated charging systems. Bill has assured that the numbers are going to increase.

On being asked what has propelled his success, Bill talked of the business values he has learned from his father. He also added that his degree from University of Colorado has helped him immensely in understanding the management aspects. He has hinted that iPark will keep focusing on mergers and acquisitions, and the company will always take the extra step to ensure the best experience for customers.

When Bill isn’t working for iPark, he is busy with charities and causes that are close to his heart!